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June 5th, 2009 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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This is my favorite sign of all...makes me laugh! This is sure to get them thinking that they should turn around and go back to see what all the hub-bub is about!
Signage is of utmost importance! Have plenty of it and make it stand out. Youll want to make sure that all the signs are cohesive so people end up at your sale instead of some other sale. Remember to advertise before the sale. Craigs List, Facebook, and newspaper are all good ideas. Cover your bases! Dont forget to tweat about it too!
This is the sign you put at major intersections. Make sure your signs have all of the pertinent information, are easy to read, stand out from the rest, and will stand up to any type of weather. Notice that there is no exact date. This will allow you to use the sign again, again, and again! Join forces with neighbors and friends and throw a multi-family bash...the bigger, the better. And just one more note. If you advertise a giant sale, make sure you live up to it, you wont want to dissapoint eager shoppers!
Lets talk about early bird shoppers. Many people discourage early shopping, but I say up and at em! Early shoppers tend to be serious buyers and are looking for the best selection. You will find antique store owners, junk shop proprietors, and flea market vendors among these shoppers. Be prepared the night before leaving as little to do the morning of as possible. This sign can be hung at the end of your driveway, blocking the entrance and indicating the time you intend to open.
When you are ready, drop the rope, flip the sign, and stake the open side in the grass. Let the fun begin!
Draw the attention of passerbys by making your garage sale bright and cheery. I used blue tarps and vintage looking oilcloth as table coverings. They are pretty, easy to keep clean, and water proof.
Notice the clamps used to weight the oilcloth. But, wait...they have another purpose too!  Both the tarp and the oilcloth are waterproof. Thats a good thing at a garage or yard sale. The tarp is oversized and neatly tucked under on the back side of the table. In case of an unexpected shower or for a quick closing at the end of the day, just wrap the table and its wares with the excess tarp and use the clamps on the oilcoth to secure. This will keep everything dry and happy and avoid hauling back and forth from the garage.
Have an organized check-out table with everything you need at your fingertips. Plenty of extra tags, recycled grocery bags, twine, calculator, and dont forget the music. Makes shopping way more fun!
Youll want to run your sale like a department store. Youll want everything neatly displayed, categorized, and plenty of friendly and helpful folks to man the sale. The one thing you wont want to do is take returns so make sure to let the shoppers know. I also think it is a good idea not to clutter your market tables. Replenishing inventiory as the sale continues will help avoid clutter and keep customers coming back!
Check out the big green sign! This is a great sign to put out on the last day of your sale. Be more flexible with your pricing after the first day of the sale and maybe have your last day be the half-price day!
Keep plenty of change on hand. A vintage muffin tin on your check out table works nicrly to contain your change. Bills should be kept close to the vest in the cashiers apron!
Presentation is fun and creative. You will have lots of items to corale at your sale so being inventive with containers is key. This vintage umbrella flipped upside down and stuck into the grass is just one fun idea!
This is my favorite sign of all...makes me laugh! This is sure to get them thinking that they should turn around and go back to see what all the hub-bub is about!

This is my favorite sign of all...makes me laugh! This is sure to get them thinking that they should turn around and go back to see what all the hub-bub is about!

Are you all ready to throw a garage sale? Me too!  So here are some more details that may be helpful if you are gearing up for a sale of your own. For even more.. click here and take a look at the Today Show gallery!

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Junkengranny writes: Hi Girls, Love your Mag and Ideas. Iam going to be having my first Yard Sale in a New Neighbor Hood this year. Any Idea for me .We have a Small Cabin in Wixom,Mi one of our friends just bought one also. They scored on the Antiques in it . But tossed most of it. I picked up a 1940's Radio, a old Chrome Kitchen table. A old heater and a toaster 1940's also, a old water dipper and Enamel Pan, Dish pan I think. I love going thru these old Cabins and finding all the great stuff they leave behind. Our Daughter Linda payed $500.00 for her Cabin and the Dresser that was in it is worth twice that and all the other stuff she scored on that was in hers.We spend our Summers there, our family has 6 cabins so far. Iam looking for Bear statue's and Deer or Moose.There hard to find. Happy Hunting to All Have a Great Summer. Posted: 4:08 pm on June 15th
suewhitney writes: Great tip, Mjfun!! I'll be checking it out right now.....gotta go!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 12:42 pm on June 9th
mjfun writes: loved the segment - full of bright, fresh ideas - you might want to add to your online recommendations - -it may be the new kid on the block but it does stuff Craigslist and Ebay do not --

. If you have no yard for a yard sale or your town prohibits them – post all your goods up on Tagsellit (up to 20 items costs only $1.25 to list)

· If you want to find real-time physical sales in your area – Tagsellit offers info on garage sales, flea markets, benefit sales etc., for free and has its own iPhone app – Find Tag Sales

· If you want to chat with other enthusiasts, sort of Facebook meets tag sales – join the Tagsellit community where people compare notes on everything from "near antique" musical instruments to vintage Barbie dolls

Hope this is helpful as the season continues to heat up!

Posted: 10:35 am on June 9th
CottageElements writes: Some great ideas! I haven't had a garage sale in awhile, but really wish I had done some of these tips. One thing I really liked about your pointers is not to put everything out. That way you can restock, you don't have too crowded tables, and it makes them come back. Might be a good idea for an occasional sale, too! Another thing might be to put "antiques" on the signs if your selling them. I'd make sure I hit that sale! Thanks again, Sue! Loved all the ideas and it would definitely be a sale I'd like to go to!

Lani Posted: 11:22 am on June 7th
MimiToria writes: Hey Sue - if a person goes to this much work to have a garage sale, than its a given that it is worth your time to stop. Very bright and eye catchy, and it would definitely pull be in from the curbside. Love the tips about oil clothes as well as the tarps with clamps. What a great tip.
You rock, girlfriend.
Gretchen Posted: 8:26 pm on June 6th
georgiamoon writes: Sue these are great tips. As a yard sale fanatic I know that if there is nothing to catch my interest from the truck...I just drive on by. I certainly would not pass by one of your sales!!! The colors and organization just scream GOOD STUFF HERE! If there is a fun and festive atmosphere it makes it even more enticing. I can use some of these tips in my shop as well. Thanks for the help, Georgia Posted: 2:31 pm on June 6th
alicemom writes: Sue,
I really like the tarp idea. I will use that next sale. Thanks so much for all the good tips!
smiles, alice Posted: 1:16 pm on June 6th
bridiemurphy writes: Do you sell the signs too? Posted: 9:03 am on June 6th
HoneysuckleLane writes: My daughter, sisters, and I plan on having a sale later in the summer. I am looking forward to getting rid of lots of clutter (so I can find more!).

Great segment with Matt! Posted: 1:46 pm on June 5th
monakent writes: Sue,
Nice segment - wish they would have allowed you more time.
Guess you'll have to go back soon!!!

Growing up, my Mom and her friends, would always have a rummage sale every year without fail, so I learned lots of good ideas by trial and error. As you stated, the number one "rule" is to have GOOD, READABLE signs!!! I can't tell you how many times to this day, I drive by signs I just can't read (the sign and the print are WAY too small; there's too much info that can't be read and has no business on the sign because it's too distracting; address and times too small to even see, etc). Either you have to slow down (causing traffic problems) or drive by the sign a few times until you can figure it out.

Other items of interest:
make sure your merchandise is CLEAN; always put your jewelry items near the check out area (we've had shoplifters at a sale and it wasn't pretty...); do not leave DVDs, tapes, candles, etc in direct sun all day long....they may melt or become "unusable;" likewise, items in plastice bags tend to absorb moisture when left in hot sun all day; keep reorganizing throughout the day, so display looks appealing to buyers; set up your goods according to category (crafts, tools, antiques, toys, etc) - this helps buyers find things more easily; have clothes set up according to size and post the sizes clearly; make sure to have a large mirror handy for buyers to see what they look like, when trying on clothes, hats, etc; if your clothes are out of fashion, consider trying to sell them as "Halloween wear" (this has worked for me); make sure you have enough money and coinage to start your sale with - I've seem it happen where the seller couln't make change and lost out on the sale (plus, the buyer went away mad); have enough bags and boxes and other wrapping materials; try to have your merchandise up on a table or shelf whenever possible - most people aren't used to looking down under a table to find things - they want to find stuff and get going to the next rummage sale!!!!

Most of all, have FUN with your sale. Greet the people that come to your sale (this morning I went to a sale and no one bothered to say hi to me, which I thought was a bit rude) and try to help them.

Sorry so long, I got carried away. I just LOVE rummage sales!!! gailmarie Posted: 1:27 pm on June 5th
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