A Girly Gift Idea

September 7th, 2008 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Libbys favorite color is pink. So pink it is!
We printed the image using the antiquing option. The vintage key was used to symbolize friendship.
Whats the best part? Its not just a frame. You can store small perfume bottles and jewelry on the tile.
How it all began. An old floor tile, a cake bakers frosting tool (I think), and old insulator pieces (not pictured) as they were absent from junk school on the day this picture was taken.
Apply glue to the bottom of bakers frosting tool and attach to tile.
Glue and attach four insulator pieces, one to each corner of the bottom of the tile.
I cut up scrap paper from another project (you may recognize it from the caddy) and put it on a store bought mat.
Use decoupage glue to adhere paper to the mat. Just follow directions on the bottle.
Use ribbon tape purchased from a craft store to cover any rough edges.
Use a drill with the appropriate size bit to make holes for grommets. The mat is to thick to punch with a grommet tool. Add grommets, old electrical cord, and vintage key for a charming touch.
Libbys favorite color is pink. So pink it is!

Libby's favorite color is pink. So pink it is!

Can you believe it? I broke the industrial mode and made something ultra feminine! The inspiration for this was a last minute birthday notification. Teenage daughters sometimes have a way of forgetting to fill you in on the details. I think it is far more fun to present a gift with meaning than a gift certificate, so Elizabeth (my 16 year old daughter) and I donned our crafting hats and went to town. The image is of Elizabeth and her birthday celebrating friend, Libby. Libs loved the present!

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ladyfae writes: Am a newbie and would like to put in my 2 cents worth to break the ice. I loved it, it was just quirky enough for the young'ns to think it was the coolest gift ever. Good job and very creative. Posted: 12:24 am on September 20th
georgiamoon writes: Sue, Sue, Sue did you stay up late last night figuring out how to get me back for the "Great Cake Deco Debate"? I would be delighted to explain my view of round AND square. And Yes I do know they are two different things but I believe there are DEGREES of roundness. Now square is a another story altogether. How's that for a start? Brat. That's what you are...But I love you anyway!!!Gogo Posted: 1:55 pm on September 12th
suewhitney writes: Georgia,

This is going to be fun! In response to your last post. All who see this please ask Geo about her definition of round. I think you'll all find it to be a bit broad reaching. Is square really the new round?

With smiles and love,
Sue Posted: 10:36 pm on September 11th
georgiamoon writes: Ok now I don't feel so dumb. I swear I was wracking my brain trying to think of how you would use that thing to decorate a cake.I feel better now. thanks ladies...geo Posted: 7:35 pm on September 10th
suewhitney writes: Hahaha, you're a funny girl, Kathy! Actually I could use some groovy new potholders. I'll suggest it to her and see what she comes up with! Looks like you had fun this weekend. Bye for now, Sue Posted: 10:11 am on September 8th
suewhitney writes: OK, now I can really laugh at myself. Are you sure its not for decorating a cake? Hahahaha! LuAnn was right all along.

Q: What's the difference between an antiquer and a junker?
A: An antiquer actually has to know what something is! Posted: 6:31 pm on September 7th
junkrat writes: i know what that is!!
it's a little old, bakelite table loom, a Weave-It! i recognize the 3-pin arrangement around the edges. they've become popular again with the weaving set and i've been having a hard time finding one, especially on eBay, phooooey. i'm not a weaver but i saw a quilty project i wanted to try... i may just have to make myself one, i DID find a nice website for THAT :) Posted: 6:22 pm on September 7th
suewhitney writes: Thanks, ladies. LuAnn, an old metal weave loom is a great idea. Georgia, I said (I think) when i called it a baker's tool. I pulled this somewhere out of the banks of my undersized brain that someone told me it was for frosting or some such thang. I can see it. Birthday in December....hmmmm.

Posted: 6:03 pm on September 7th
georgiamoon writes: Well honey you KNOW I like it. I have never in my life seen anything like that cake decorating tool...are you SURE that is what it is? What kind of decoration would that make??? How would you use it? Sorry but I just can't wrap my feeble leetle brain around that one. I certainly think it is a excellent gift and really lovely too. I bet that Libby did just love it. I know I would...my birthday is in December!!! Ha ha...really good last minute idea. You're always thinkin'. Love ya, gogo Posted: 5:51 pm on September 7th
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