Garden Table Leg Candle Sconces

June 11th, 2009 in member junk     
chippingcharm Laurel Putman, contributor
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I have been a JMS member for a long time now but I am just now getting the courage to post something.  I guess you could say I am more of a "display-girl" than a "tool-girl" when it comes to my junk.  Thankfully my handy husband is usually more than willing to help me out a bit.  We got these table legs at a local junk sale a few years ago, probably planning to make a table...imagine that???  But when we finally pulled them out I decided I had a better idea.  PS...Does this ice chest count as junk since I "found" it in my In-laws garage?

Pattern or design used: My own design
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GrammaScrapper writes: So creative, love it. Posted: 9:32 am on July 8th
junkermidge writes: I LOVE your sconces! What a great idea. So glad that you posted and hope you continue to do so.


P.S. I'd have to say I'm more of a "tool-girl", but I so appreciate all the post by "display-girls" as I'm trying to learn how to be more like them (yes, I have display envy). Thanks. Posted: 10:13 pm on June 13th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Hi Laurel and welcome to posting!! You've definitely shared a wonderfully unique sconce idea. Just beautiful! I'm right there with you regarding being more of a display girl than a tool girl, however, I hope that changes once we get a better set-up in our work area. Another vote here for saying the chest counts too!

Glad to see you post and can't wait to see more.
Candy Posted: 7:15 am on June 12th
alicemom writes: I love your "legs". Great idea. You ice box is also a good thing. I also like you cloche on top. I am so glad you took the plunge. Keep the pictures coming!
smiles, alice Posted: 4:47 pm on June 11th
grannijo writes: Laurel: what a neat idea...never would have thought of it in a million years!...creative!...keep the pictures coming!...we love show and tell!..sharon Posted: 4:33 pm on June 11th
chippingcharm writes: Thanks Ladies...this is so fun! I'd highly recommend posting to any other "scaredy cats" out there. The feedback itself with brighten your day :)
Blessings, Laurel Posted: 4:15 pm on June 11th
georgiamoon writes: I think we are all glad to see this first (of many) posts. The ice box absolutely counts as junk...anything found, deserted, rescued or generally absconded (just kidding...NEVER abscond!) ...COUNTS! Great job and fantastic idea with the table leg, keep the new stuff coming. And gailmarie I have been wondering when you were going to show us some of your stuff..get on it girlfriend! Georgia Posted: 2:23 pm on June 11th
monakent writes: WOWIE!!!! I adore the ice-chest from your in-laws. It looks very well-kept. I can only guess it will remain so, by you and you husband. Aren't family heirlooms wonderful??? I've got quite a few, that I wouldn't part with for the world.

Your display made out of table legs is ultra-cool and yet chic. What a SUPER idea. Sure hope you gain more confidence and show us more of your work.....MUCH more!!!!! gailmarie

P.S. I know how scary it is to post things.... I still haven't (mainly because we lost our camera back in early Dec.) My husband finally ordered a new camera (yikes - no more excuses for me!). It will be here soon, so maybe, just maybe, I'll get up the guts to "show and tell" !!! :o) Posted: 11:01 am on June 11th
oldnews writes: That looks fabulous! It makes a beautiful sconce and just think, you have 3 more!! Very creative thinking, I love it! Marie Posted: 10:33 am on June 11th
suewhitney writes: Hey Chippingcharm!

I'm delighted you decided to post. What a great and original idea for these table legs. Absolutely love them! And yes, the cool ice chest counts! Can't wait to see more from you.

Take care and happy junking,
Sue Posted: 9:55 am on June 11th
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