Just having some graduation fun!

May 30th, 2009 in member junk     
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How can a cute, cuddly little boy be graduating from high school?!
Would I want these ?  Of course, Cindy.  Thanks. 
The graduation cap -- before.
I added a pocket on the back and reattached the head part.  Inserting cardboard allows the frame to stand up.
How can a cute, cuddly little boy be graduating from high school?!

How can a cute, cuddly little boy be graduating from high school?!

Ever wonder what happens to all those graduation caps that go flying up in the air?  Well, some of them get retrieved and some of them go orphaned only to be picked up by the school janitor.  And if a junker is lucky enough to be friends with the local school's janitors, she just might end up with a pile of graduation caps.  Hmmm...

So my son's graduation Thursday night reminded me that somewhere in my junk stash was a bunch of graduation caps from a few years back.  It was time to pull them out and get experimental.  So I came up with this photo frame idea.  I'm having a hard time picturing him as graduating already, so I included the picture that shows how the mom in me still sees him.  This prototype frame goes to my son.  The process was a little trickier than I expected and isn't quite perfected yet.

First I had to remove the cap part and the button.  Then I had to undo, cut, and reglue some edges of the fabric and cut out the center of the cardboard underneath.  I made a manila folder pocket and attached to back for holding the glass and photos.  I then glued the button onto the front and a tassel that I found abandoned on the sidewalk Thursday night (my son would never let me touch HIS cap and tassel).  Then I reglued the cap part onto the back and by inserting a stiff piece of cardboard, it actually stands up.

I'm not sure if I'll make some for my sale next week, but the graduation window is small and if I don't, the caps will probably sit another couple years until my next son graduates.       


Pattern or design used: My own design
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vicmac44 writes: Oh this is so neat! What a great idea! Posted: 9:26 am on June 18th
shabbychick writes: Midge...You're just way too clever! You can now accept your diploma in "junkological studies"! :)

(They do grow up too fast, don't they???)

Thanks for sharing and congrats on graduation - it couldn't be done without the parents!!

Kathy Posted: 10:51 am on June 1st
fellowjunker writes: This is a great idea Midge.........I tend not to like keeping memorable items that just collect dust, but this is a great idea to turn a graduation memento into something useful!!!
xojanis Posted: 6:10 pm on May 31st
oldnews writes: Boy, those wheels of yours are always turning!! What a Great idea!!! Marie Posted: 11:39 am on May 31st
suewhitney writes: Fabulous idea Junker Midge! You're a clever girl!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 11:26 am on May 31st
writes: Midge! I love this. So very clever!

JennyK Posted: 11:09 pm on May 30th
alicemom writes: What a cool idea! How much fun creating something so special for the grad. Great job!
smiles, alice Posted: 10:19 pm on May 30th
junkology writes: That's a really awesome idea! Nicely done. Posted: 7:47 pm on May 30th
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