Springfield Extravaganza - tis the season - to "flea"

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shabbychick Kathy Stantz, contributor
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We have arrived! 
Lined up and ready to sell (this is just one of the many lines of vendors patiently waiting for the line to break...thats what they call it)
I know I left it in here somewhere...(lots of time to peruse while we wait in line...).
This happy couple pulled out their best sofa to relax before the Big Show...  I think the antlers were for sale...any takers??
Some hot wheels!!  Just a little cheesy though...dont ya think?
Found ME some legs...bet theyd make a good lamp...  (metal letters - a crowd favorite!)
A whole lotta rust going on...
Signs, signs, everywhere signs...
Ive got a brand new pair of roller skates...(well, maybe not so new)!
These beautiful creations were done by our new friend, Jeanne Norman of Columbus, Ohio.  An artist who doesnt waste a thing...she creates beautiful whimsical pieces of art out of anything - embellishing and painting and glittering in such a unique style...I was in awe.
Me, myself and I!!
Here it is folks...my nomination for the first annual ugliest couch contest...my award please??!!! 
We have arrived! 

We have arrived! 

Well...we survived...Extravaganza!  Lots of stuff to sell, junk to see, and friends to visit with - and we did it all!

We arrived on Thursday (the 15th) to set up - lots of excitement - with long lines of vendors anxiously waiting to "git-r-done"...(just had to say it!).  I think there were over 2000 vendors - with at least two bazillion (is that a word??) pieces of "old stuff" for sale - junk overload??? Oh yeah! 

When we set up on Thursday, there was a threat of rain, so everything was put under cover, and we said our good-byes and crashed at the hotel...

Early to rise on Friday morning, we "re-set" everything and were open for business.  It was a picture perfect weather day - 70s and sunshine.  And, it was a busy day with lots of customers and old friends stopping in...  We sold over half our space out on Friday (large furniture and all - yippee!!) - it was a great day!  Normally at the end of our day, we'd go out for dinner and shop a bit - but we were so tired - it was drive-thru food and tv until we fell asleep. 

Saturday was slower - but there was still some business to be done.  About 4:30, a cold front blew through...literally - Terri and I became human tent weights and hung on tight until it was done (not something I'd want to do again...).  Just a few breaks (a couple glass things, and some tables toppled over - so nothing major) - but since we'd sold almost everything, we packed up and decided to come back on Sunday to shop till we dropped.  That night, we rewarded ourselves with dinner at Red Lobster and a trip to the Goodwill (strange combination I know...but you ALL understand...) AND...I did find a nomination for the "ugliest couch award" - so, whenever the contest is announced...I'm there!).

On Sunday morning the show opens at 10:00 am, but due to a fashion malfunction we made a quick detour/trip to Kohl's to avert the possibility of embarrassment (Terri had mistakenly bought a pair of jeans that were "petites"...and she's 5'6"...enough said...but if we were caught in a downpour - her pants wouldn't have gotten wet...  After finding new jeans (of appropriate length) AND a new top - we were ready to go).  We had lots of ground to cover - but many vendors had left because of the storm on Saturday.  We picked up a few pieces of furniture - a couple goodies for ourselves, and headed home.

So, all in all - it was a successful trip - the Springfield Extravaganza never disappoints (you just have to watch the weather report...).  We'll be going back in September for the fall show - with a new look (stay tuned...), new ideas, and a whole lotta great "junk"!  AND I'm hoping to meet some of my JMS friends there too!


P.S.  The great "Brady Bunch" hanging lamp sold! 

P.S.S.  Please check my blog for lots more pics and details on the show... www.sylviasdaughter.blogspot.com

AND, FYI - Here's the Who, What, When & Where...

What:   The Springfield Antique & Flea Market Extravaganza

            www.springfieldantiqueshow.com  and their blog... http://www.antiqueshowinsider.blogspot.com


When:  May 15-17, 2009; June 26-28, 2009; September 18-20, 2009 – with monthly shows the third weekend in March, April, August, September, October, November & December! (Hours, etc. can be found on their website)


Where: The Clark County Fairgrounds, Springfield, Ohio


Who:    People who love junking, antiquing, collecting, decorating, etc., etc…


Why:  Because the Springfield Extravaganza (in May and September) is a collection of close to 2500 vendors from all over the country who come to sell everything from fine antiques to garage sale finds, primitives, architectural salvage, vintage clothing and jewelry, and so on…a true antique flea market.  There are over a dozen buildings, AND outdoor vendors who cover most of the grounds.  If you can’t find it at Springfield…well…you probably just can’t find it!!  Tens of thousands of people (from all over the country) travel to the Clark County Fairgrounds on a treasure hunt that rivals most markets in the United States.  As far as prices –you can find a wide range - to the priciest fine antiques to the half-price tables (some might call it junk…but we know better…) – and lots of vendors who are willing to help the bargain shopper (like me) as well!  I’ve visited quite a few flea markets in the surrounding states, and there is absolutely nothing to compare with this show (you can tell I’m a huge fan, huh?)!!  It reminds me of one of my favorites in Florida – The Renninger’s Antiques Flea Market in Mt. Dora (which is called an “Extravanganza” too) – for the variety and huge selection.  The monthly shows at Springfield aren’t as big as the Extravaganzas, but still a fun day – with treasures to be found – and with three large antique malls within a stone’s throw…definitely worth the drive.


And the second reason is the food – you can find anything including fair favorites and local specialties.     


                There is plenty of parking; a wide variety of hotel accommodations and restaurants nearby, and antique malls just across I-70 – so an entire weekend could be jam-packed full of antiquing/junking adventures. 







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LuvJnk writes: I agree you are in the running on the ugly couch. It made me QUESY!!!!! Posted: 3:51 pm on November 5th
awhitepicketlife writes: Great post! Thanks! I just closed my own store "Rustic Elegance" after 6 years in business and I'm anxious to learn more about this type of awesome sale--both to attend any that are close to me in Wisconsin and possibly even participate in one in the future. I already miss the treasures, the people and the creativity! Posted: 5:02 pm on September 21st
shabbychick writes: Alice - good walking shoes are a must! Hope to see you!!!

AND....I'm so excited (and surprised...didn't know she was "lurking") - I'd like to introduce firsttimejunker (aka Sara) - my sis-in-law! Guess this junking thing is contagious! Now you're definitely going to have to come up with something to share with us...(no pressure!) - and we definitely need to set aside some time for some sisterly junking! :) Hugs!

Kathy Posted: 10:43 pm on June 3rd
firsttimejunker writes: OK Kathy~ Sara here, a first-time-junker.... Tom will SO love you for getting me involved in this- as if I do not have enough junk already! So, after many visits to your site and sharing in your fun- not to mention past talks of junk shopping together- I have finally decided to 'join the ranks'.

I am the newbie here, thus my 'nickname'- felt it fit the bill. With that said, I LOVE JUNK!!! That is why I am here. I will learn as I go, and hopefully figure out how to get a picture up for all to see. I just could not resist joining and sharing. Things are always busy in life, one thing to the next.... my philosophy is the same with junk, and there is ALWAYS time to find more :)

As my first 'time' here, I do have a comment on the couch... and come on, YOU know it is VERY retro!!! :) (green monkey aside, which looks like the carnival left it behind..) My vote on award to you is......... (drum roll.....) the best ugliest retro couch rediscovered in the 21st century!!!!!!!

Kudos to you Kathy!!! Lets just not tell Tom-O that I have an eye on it for our re-painted living room! :)

Look forward to some chat, stay safe and love to all! sara Posted: 7:00 pm on June 3rd
alicemom writes: I am ready to be there with my walking shoes on & great tour guide by my side! Great post. Just don't make me sit on that couch! I'm sure it will still be there. Now I have stopped laughing I will send my post To you. Thanks so much!
Smiles, Alice
Ps Happy for the good show too! Posted: 11:05 am on June 2nd
shabbychick writes: Thanks Lani! And I would LOVE it if you visited us in the fall!!! (and...maybe we could have dinner AND visit the Goodwill too?!??!)

Kathy Posted: 8:40 am on June 2nd
CottageElements writes: Great post, Kathy! I laughed my head off. Very informative and funny. I'll have to try to make it to the one in the fall. Wouldn't it be a hoot if we all could make it! Love your take on everything!

Lani Posted: 11:41 pm on June 1st
shabbychick writes: Thanks all! Glad to take everybody on a "virtual" fleamarket trip...! I'd love to show you all around the show personally (hmmm...a professional fleamarket tour guide...I would SO love that!!) - it's an amazing show!

Geo - we would have a blast, I'm sure!!! (Candy...you too!)

Candy, every time I see metal letters, I'm looking for an "A"! :) (how many do you want??) ha ha

Jim, I laughed out loud when I read your comment about the couch...I put the green monkey there! :) (It was a good contrast...well, maybe not such a contrast, they were both pretty ugly!)

Claudia - we just can't seem to pass up a thrift store...even if we're totally exhausted! (It's a sickness!!) :)

If you want to see more great pics...I put a bunch more "junk" on my blog. (www.sylviasdaughter.blogspot.com)


P.S. Have I ever told my junking friends - I just love you all??!! I do!! :)

Suze...will do a little research...stay tuned! Posted: 9:27 am on June 1st
writes: Kathy,
I'm not sure what I enjoyed more: your wonderful commentary or the photos of that amazing loot. Wow! I'm so glad it was a success and you got some time in for yourselves too.

I look forward to your posts. You take the time to make them fun and special.

:-) JennyK Posted: 1:19 am on June 1st
JunkMama1 writes: 2000 vendors1? Holy Junkin' Moly! Now that IS a junkers paradise! And when you mentioned going to Red Lobster and then Goodwill LOL - you are SO my kinda girl! Love the post, love the pics, thanks for sharing!
Claudia Posted: 11:07 pm on May 31st
JunkArchitect writes: Don’t ya just love the fact that there’s an unlimited supply of fun junk out there waiting for all of us. What a beautiful sight, a line of vehicles full of treasures and junk.
Where do you buy a couch like that? I’ve never seen anything like it in a store…ever. The couch is already awful and then someone plops a green monkey on it.


Posted: 9:56 pm on May 31st
Suzer1 writes: Does anyone know where I can find a list of upcoming outdoor flea markets in the midwest? I live in Colorado and feel like a road trip to find some treasures. Suze Posted: 8:54 pm on May 31st
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Oh, those metal letters were meant for ME! What a fun post to read, Miss Kathy! You really had some ups and downs with this one but it sounds like the ups outweighed the latter, wouldn't you say? This show will definitely be on my "to go to" list.

Yes, that couch is pretty darn ugly but it looks to be in amazing condition...probably been slipcovered for many years to protect the owners' eyes I bet.

Thanks for the great post! It was fun to read.
Candy Posted: 8:34 pm on May 31st
fellowjunker writes: Very interesting post Kathy..........I really enjoyed reading it and seeing pictures of this great event. So happy to hear you guys sold so much!!!
xojanis Posted: 6:06 pm on May 31st
fellowjunker writes: Very interesting post Kathy..........I really enjoyed reading it and seeing pictures of this great event. So happy to hear you guys sold so much!!!
xojanis Posted: 6:06 pm on May 31st
georgiamoon writes: Great pictures, great dialog, great info, great JUNK! I love the way you write, I felt like I had been there with you. A few minor disasters always make for a better story, so you're lucky...major disasters aren't so good. Love the personal touches to your junking trip, lots of fun to read. Good grief that couch is the most hideous thing I have ever seen...it looks like it would HURT to sit on it...not that I would. Can you imagine, who would buy that thing? Wish I could go with you someday, what fun! Georgia Posted: 3:14 pm on May 31st
suewhitney writes: Kathy,

Looks like you had fun. A few bumps in the road always make for a better experience. Thanks for all of the information and details on the show. The Extravaganzas are something not to be missed. I love the selection, the prices, and the mood of this show. The food's not bad either. All who find themselves wioth the opportunity to attend one of these shows should. I highly recommend it!
Take care,
Sue Posted: 11:58 am on May 31st
monakent writes: Congratulations on your success and fun-filled trip!!! It sounded like a great time to be had by all. gailmarie Posted: 10:16 am on May 31st
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