Before trash day I need an idea

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While stopping for windows left out on a curb awhile ago, I found this wonderful, shall we say, item. 

I knew if I passed this up, I would think of something wonderful later on that I could do with it.  So, along with the windows I stuffed this into my trunk.

That was 2 months ago and still nothing.  Per my husband I have until Friday, trash day to come up with something. 

It measures 25.5x21.  Has 4 metal rods across with 6 hooks each.

Please help




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Junk_Sophisticate writes: So glad you received so much great advice, Karen. I was going to get ready to do a drive-by tomorrow morning if you hadn't, neighbor! ;)

Can't wait to see what you come up with.
Candy Posted: 10:32 pm on May 28th
suewhitney writes: You know what I love about this site? All of you! Thanks for helping Grammie25. Can't wait to see your take on all of this sage advice.

Take care,
Sue Posted: 10:14 pm on May 28th
CottagePanache writes: I think this piece would be great in a studio, on the wall above your table for a workstation. I can picture various wire or metal baskets or containers attached to hold all those pieces for projects. Might have to remove a row or two of the hooks or not if you can find the right sizes. Or how about a cool lantern for the patio with the old mason jars with wire to hang them from each hook add sand and votives. (Use Citronella candles and keep the mosquitoes away!!) Daytime, fill with freshcut flowers for a garden party look. Where can I get one??!!! LOL Posted: 2:35 pm on May 28th
grammie25 writes: Well I am on my way to designing a little from each of you. Will take pics when done. Thanks to all of you.
Karen Posted: 5:50 am on May 28th
JunkArchitect writes: If you can straighten out and align the hooks I think it would make a great shelving unit. Once everything’s straight you could run boards across the top of the hooks and hang the whole thing on the wall. Jim Posted: 9:24 pm on May 27th
Tuttibelle writes: A fresh coat of paint and use it to hang all your kitchen collectibles like the green handled tools from the 1930s. Or use it to hang jewelry on - the hangers for bracelets and the screen for things with hooks. Posted: 10:26 am on May 27th
upyourattic writes: I think hanging small potted herbs and some small votives would be cool ~ or, prop it up or lean against the fence with a vine to climb up and over and around the hooks - that would be cool. Definately don't throw it away! Just come up with something before Friday and you're good to go! He won't remember after that if he's anything like mine!

Good luck with it and can't wait to see the post with your creation!

Patti Posted: 9:13 am on May 27th
grammie25 writes: Thank you all so much. What wonderful ideas. Just reading them you think, now why didn't I think of that. I will retake pictures after I am done. Bless you all.
Karen Posted: 8:08 am on May 27th
JennyLeigh writes: You could hang is suspended on a covered porch and use it to place potted plants and hanging basket fern/jungle style. Hey it could at least buy you some time! ;) he needs to realize sometimes a year isn't enough time to see full potential in a piece like this. Posted: 4:16 am on May 27th
oldnews writes: This is cool! I definitely agree with Midge, I can see it used to display pictures or art work. But I also Sew, so I could see it as a storage place for ribbon, beads, etc. It looks like the hooks are staggered, so maybe a coat tree in a mudroom or entryway, or in the back of a closet to organize and hang purses? Outside by a potting shed to store clay pots or garden tools. Of course it would look even better once it's rusted up a bit, but wow, it has lots of potential! Don't throw it away! :) Posted: 11:10 pm on May 26th
leesee64 writes: Can't really tell if the hooks are all even with each other...but how about using it as a wrapping paper rack/holder or if you're into sewing..maybe rolls of fabric?Or lay boards on some of the rows of hooks and make a shelving unit to hold photos, candles, whatever! No matter what, it's a keeper!

Lisa Posted: 11:08 pm on May 26th
junkermidge writes: Well, you probably should rust it up a bit. But after that, you have lots of possibilities. Add 2 bottom brackets as "feet" for a fireplace screen. Hang from ceiling flat as a candleier or potrack. Or flat on wall as potrack or jewelry holder. But I think it would be the coolest hung flat on wall and using the horizontal rods to suspend pictures, small potted plants, candles in small glasses, etc. These are all pretty standard ideas, but now you got my mind whirling. If I think of anything original I'll post again.
Midge Posted: 9:41 pm on May 26th
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