Shopping and Signing -In That Order!

May 19th, 2009 in blog     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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A few treasures found at The French Flea.
A vignette from The French Flea, An Occassional Market on Main Street in Anoka, Minnesota. What I loved about this market was their attention to detail, their consistency in style, and the fair pricing. There was oodles to choose from and the merchandise was first rate. Kimberly and I had a blast with Lani and Gretchen.
Every junker has their own opinion.
Good, now that we have solved that junking dilema we can all pose for a photo. Whew!!
One of my fab finds of the day (yes, shopping is permitted while signing) was a delightul creation by JMS contributor Gretchen. I fell in love with this necllace crafted from all things old because of the #4. I look for things that have meaning in my life when it comes to junk jewels. My daughter was born in April so I will always be reminded of her beautiful self when I wear this bauble. Thanks Gretchen!
I think the vintage earring attached is pretty darn schnazzy!
Here is one of my favorite finds from the garden section at the French Flea. The outdoor section was ADORABLE!!
Holy moly, Rocky...what a groovy bottom! Ill bet its functional too.
Love this too! Can you tell Im digging the metal stuff? Some things never change. I know just what I am going to do with this puppy!
Score!!! I found this while signing at The Round Barn Potting Company...a nifty noodle store for sure! Can you guess whos junk it was? None other than JMS contributor Lanettes. Guess we have to keep it the JMS family. Man she had stuff at the French Flea and The Round Barn Potting Company. This girl gets around!
OK, maybe I didnt find the mouth pieces at either of these locations, but they sure are teriffic! These tooters are from Texas.
Do not, and I repeat DO NOT mess with Lani when she is setting up for a sale!
A few treasures found at The French Flea.

A few treasures found at The French Flea.

Kimberly and I headed out last Saturday for a fun filled junking kind of day. Our destination was Anoka, Minnesota home to The French Flea and The Round Barn Potting Comoany. Our mission was to sign books and that we did! But as you will see we also got in some much needed time for junk shopping. I'm sure you'll see the finds of the weekend show up in project form. Thanks to all...we had a great time!

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shiivermelivers writes: I love this page! It is so cute! I am a pretty avid scrapbooker too. I think my other hobby is cruising around the web looking for inspiration! I am currently in a contest to win a FAB scrapbooking desk. Please check out the great furniture at this site and feel free to vote for my entry, #274 in the giveaway gallery. i think you will love the products.

Doreen Martinez Posted: 2:09 am on May 28th
shiivermelivers writes: Hi! I am new to this site but I am always so inspired each time I visit. I have a new project that I am working on. I am competing to win a desk at the following website and purchasing a matching workbox to go with it. Both pieces are FAB! I would like to get one in black and one in white. Since these are new pieces of furniture I would like some suggestions as to how to incorporate them with some vintage things. I have some old windows that I salavaged from my home when we renovated and I have lots of old doors. Any color scheme ideas or projects any of you would like to share?

Thanks for the help
Doreen Martinez

You can take a look at the furniture here. If you can, feel free to vote for my project, #274 in the giveaway gallery.

Posted: 2:43 pm on May 26th
georgiamoon writes: WOW you gals did a FABULOUS job!! No wonder things were flying out the doors. What a fun filled day to be sure. Wish I could have been with you all. Love the store and good luck to you all, Georgia Posted: 5:38 pm on May 20th
JunkMama1 writes: Well, the next time I travel "home" to Minnesota, to visit family, I'll be sure to block out time to visit Anoka and The French Flea! Love the fact, my Mom had an end table EXACTLY like the Black one in the main picture...made me a little homesick for my childhood! Thanks for sharing! Posted: 4:31 pm on May 20th
MimiToria writes: Thank you Sue and Kimberly for making a trip to the "French Flea" shop in Anoka. I am so happy I was able to spend a few hours before I had to whisk of to the wedding event. The "4" must of been meant for you. I'm so very happy that you like it and that it represents the fabulous Elizabeth too.
I'm sad I didn't get to spend the whole day hanging out with you gals, but it will just make next time sweeter. You two are the best and again, "thanks so much" for supporting Lani and my new venture at "The French Flea". If only you knew how much merchandise went out of the shop the prior 4 1/2 days leading up to your book signing. We were a bit nervous that it wouldn't be cool enough, as the stuff flew out. Glad you approved.
Gretchen Posted: 10:40 pm on May 19th
CottageElements writes: Okay, so maybe I'm a little bossy! Ha! You are such a funny, funny girl! And you're right about getting a bunch of us junkers together. You can't seem to get a word in edgewise! But in all seriousness, thank you so much for coming out and sharing your time with us. It was a fun day!! You and Kimberly are the best!

Lani Posted: 10:19 pm on May 19th
alicemom writes: I too am soooooooooooooooooooo jealous! I loved everything. I would loved to have been there.
The necklace is wonderful. Gretchen another good job!
Maybe us Texans need a road trip! We could be the piped piper of the West. Or junked junker!
Alice Posted: 10:07 pm on May 19th
piecesofthepast writes: As a maker of jewelry you know I gotta be diggin the #4 necklace...great job, Gretchen! I love it--especially the old glittery flower earring! Posted: 8:16 pm on May 19th
shabbychick writes: jealous - would love to be there too! The girls have done a fabulous job - there was no doubt about that anyway!! Love the look (and the metal stuff too)!

Great seeing you all together - in deep junk discussion!

Sue - the #4 necklace is so sweet and the meaning behind it too! Does Gretchen have a #9???

Thanks for sharing - do you have a pen permanently attached to your hand?? :)

Kathy Posted: 4:31 pm on May 19th
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