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September 3rd, 2008 in blog     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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This is where the kiddies take their boots off.
This is has become part of my fall porch decor.
Visual hint #1
Visual hint #2
Visual hint #3
This is not a hint, just something fun for curious kids. I believe this is for fishing bait, but I thought it might make an excellent bug catcher/habitat for kids. Im good with it as long as the bugs stay outside and they are on a catch and release program. Ha!
This is where the kiddies take their boots off.

This is where the kiddies take their boots off.

Can you guess what this was before it became a child's bench? I'll give you one written hint and a couple of visual hints.

1. They were meant for children, but adults seem to enjoy them too.


Please tell us what you think it is!


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Chovey writes: A teeter totter! Posted: 7:31 pm on September 4th
suewhitney writes: OK, you are all way to smart for me! You got it right off the bat. I grew up with our older brothers who loved to bump or bounce me on the teeter-totter. They also enjoyed jumping off while they had me in the air. That's why I thought it best to make it a bench. It's a little safer. Thanks for playing the game. Next time I'm going to choose something you'll never guess. Look or posted directions tomorrow.

Bye for now,
Sue Posted: 7:24 pm on September 3rd
berton718 writes: I think it was a SEE SAW. I love what you did with it !! Posted: 5:06 pm on September 3rd
georgiamoon writes: Sue, that is just adorable. I love that. All the pictures of your fall porch are really inspiring me to get some fall-ish things done around here. And that picture of sweet Lily sitting there with the Mums made me miss all of you so much. I'm working on my fall window and will post pics soon. Georgia Posted: 2:22 pm on September 3rd
WhisperWood Cottage writes: I think Suzy is probably right as well. But just to add to the fun, I also thought it could have been used as part of a pier. Those wood handle parts could have been used like a nautical piece that you figure 8 the rope around.

If you wanted to create something else out of it, each side piece would be great hung on a wall. With a ribbon or rope, you could suspend a piece of art from it. You could also use it as an easel and prop the artwork on that wood handle part. Posted: 11:47 am on September 3rd
Cherwood writes: I think TwinCitySuzy is exactly right. I'm a big teeter-totter fan myself. Love the bench.

Cheryl in PI Posted: 11:06 am on September 3rd
TwinCitySuzy writes: My best guess is the plank of wood that sits on the pivot of a See-Saw or Teeter-Totter. I'm thinking that based on where you live, this traditional peice of playground equipment may be called a specific term. (?? Not sure...)

You need two kids, one on each end to balance the load (to then go up and down). What do you think?
--Susan in the Twin Cities Posted: 10:55 am on September 3rd
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