How to Create a "Living Green" Centerpiece

March 18th, 2019 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Its time to start thinking about summer entertaining. It might still be too cold do dine outside, but this centerpiece can give you a jump start indoors. Let the partys begin!
The before. I did a centerpiece with this because I am so happy that warm weather is finally here and I love to entertain in the spring and summer. When winter rolls around I think it would make a fabulous cottage mirror by simply glueing a piece of mirror inside the metal edge.
The flip side of the bird cage tray. This side could be used as a base for a centerpiece as well or possibly a magnet board!
Here is what I used. Ground cover, moss, three terra cotta pots of different sizes, three small plants, river gravel, a pitcher, a three inch candle, and my current favorite flower Ranunculus....yummy! Oops, and of course the tray from an old bird cage.
Position your goodies before planting the tray.
Remove extra dirt from ground cover to work with the height of tray.
Plant from the edges and work your way in. I mixed some sheet moss in with the ground cover to save money.
After the main part of the tray is planted add rocks to the scalloped edge.
Tip: You dont have to buy the river rock if you have a gravel driveway or rock around the shrubs. Scoop some up, wash it off, and you are good to go.
The combination of flowers, rocks, and ground cover makes you think youre outside!
Its all in the details my friends. Are you sick of hearing me say that yet? Sorry just cant help myself and its true. Dress up your candle in a jiffy with a piece of ribbon, a washer and an upholstery tack.
This centerpiece works well indoors and outdoors. If you live in a city apartment, what better way to give yourself a little patch of green! You can dress this up as much or as little as you like. I kept it simple, but you could turn it in to a fairy garden if you like. Do it with the kids..theyll have a blast!
Whew! Good thing I got this project done because I think Lily thought it might make a nice little Jack Russell litter box.
Its time to start thinking about summer entertaining. It might still be too cold do dine outside, but this centerpiece can give you a jump start indoors. Let the partys begin!

It's time to start thinking about summer entertaining. It might still be too cold do dine outside, but this centerpiece can give you a jump start indoors. Let the partys begin!

This project is a snap, but your friends will think you toiled for hours. It's OK feel free to let them believe it. There is nothing like ringing in the lazy days of summer with a living green centerpiece. The best part is that after the dinner party is over you can plant the contents of the tray outside. Yay!

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vecernice writes: This is fantastic, so fresh and beautiful. Thank you for such a great idea and inspiration
Eva Posted: 11:29 am on May 6th
suewhitney writes: Hey Cowgirlexplorer,

I'm not sure I understand your question. I'd love to help, could you please explain further?

Sue Posted: 11:50 am on May 3rd
cowgirlexplorer writes: Help --- added alot of these ideas to share box but I don't know how to bet to share box???? Can anyone help me please! Thank you in Posted: 9:48 pm on April 30th
shabbychick writes: Sue - this is beautiful - inside and outside, and I love the idea of the fairy garden too! (and that cage bottom is fabulous - can tell Lily's a fan!!)

Kathy Posted: 8:59 am on April 29th
JunkArchitect writes: Sue, this really came out great. Who would have ever thought to use a bird cage tray like this…you.
You’re right, it would make a cool mirror.

Jim Posted: 10:48 pm on April 26th
NDJunkGirl writes: Way cool, Sue! Love it! Andrea Posted: 12:09 pm on April 26th
suewhitney writes: Thanks so much everyone! I'd love for anyone who makes this to share your version. Have's spring!!!

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 7:59 pm on April 24th
fellowjunker writes: Oh so pretty Sue. This is a fabulous idea for a centerpiece!!!
xojanis Posted: 11:00 am on April 24th
alicemom writes: Sue,
That is such a neat itead. I will start looking for bird cage bottoms. Yours is outstanding. I love your creative spirit. Thanks for all the great "show & tells".
Smiles, Alice Posted: 11:54 pm on April 23rd
CottageElements writes: That is the coolest piece! And I love how you placed the ground cover right on the tray. It does truly bring the outdoors in. And that lucky Amy!-) LOL!

Lani Posted: 9:32 pm on April 23rd
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Love this, Sue! Everything from using plants that can be replanted outdoors to stretching your dollar using sheet moss as filler. Your current favorite flower is a stunner too and looks so sweet against all the green.

Thanks much!

Posted: 2:15 pm on April 23rd
georgiamoon writes: Sue, this couldn't have been timed more perfectly for me. I am so inspired by this centerpiece that I am going to plant a small terrarium for my Antique show. I had thought about it and was not sure what to do for the ground cover since it had to be shallow. This darling table-scape is just about perfect for what I want it look like. Thanks again for all of your creative and beautiful ideas. You just made my LIFE easier! Geo Posted: 2:06 pm on April 23rd
thehillbillies writes: Sue- I love it!!! Something to even keep inside for people like me who still have temperamental weather! I'm so going to make one for my dining room table to bring a little outside in... nothing like adding a little life to the indoors! Posted: 1:00 pm on April 23rd
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