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April 22nd, 2009 in member junk     
shabbychick Kathy Stantz, contributor
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Rusty springs, the Statue of Liberty, A silver cup from the Worlds Fair (1933), and the cutest little planter (and more...)
This is my haul from our fleamarketing/junking journey to Kentucky over the weekend...
The flower frog is the biggest one Ive ever seen (6x6 - and iron, I think) - for some heavy-duty flowers!
Thought Id try it out as a scissor caddy - it worked great - but am thinking it needs to become something else...
This garden claw-thingie (thats the technical name - its from a plow...maybe?) worked great to hold some of my favorite vintage necklaces...  But...again...itll become something else Im sure! 
And this little garden plow was in someones front yard with a free sign on it (I thought for sure someone would get it while I was turning my van around...ha ha) - and I found that a couple blocks from my house on the way home - you sure dont have to travel far for junk sometimes.
Rusty springs, the Statue of Liberty, A silver cup from the Worlds Fair (1933), and the cutest little planter (and more...)

Rusty springs, the Statue of Liberty, A silver cup from the World's Fair (1933), and the cutest little planter (and more...)

OK...home and still trying to get "junk" organized from our fleamarket trip...  I not only bought stuff over the weekend, but I also got my junk swap package from bridiemurphy (fun, fun stuff - will share soon), so I'm in a little bit of overload right now...but that's a great problem to have!!!

Well...the weekend wasn't a complete washout (just Sunday)...sometimes it's all about the journey, right??  We made our way to Kentucky over the course of last Friday and Saturday - made some stops along the way, made some new junk friends, and found some cool stuff.   I really believe we found the best place in Ohio for junk (outside of a little town called Yellow Springs, Ohio). My haul wasn't that big (fortunately, because between the four of us...we can junk...) - but some cool stuff for sure...my favorites...rusty springs (woo hoo), the plow-thingie, a cool jewelry box to organize my supplies, the cup from the 1933 World's Fair, fabric for my "flea bags", metal stars, the red "heavy metal" flower frog, an old cloth storybook, the cute little planter, etc., etc. - well, I guess I loved it all!! 

And, of course my "going home" present - the rickety old hand plow (free) by the side of the road - almost right around the corner from my house - it'll be great in my garden!

I'll be doing another post - with highlights from our journey south - and posting more on my blog by tomorrow - www.sylviasdaughter.blogspot.com.

Show Update:  The fleamarket on Sunday was a rainout by noon - some sales - covered our expenses - but we still had a boat load of fun with our girlfriends!  So...on to the next show - and sunny skies (we don't give up easily)!  I wrote more on my older post:  http://www.junkmarketstyle.com/item/10117/on-the-road-again


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irishrovr writes:
Ooooooh! What a treasure trove you've gathered!

http://ruralwisconsin.blogspot.com/ Posted: 11:59 pm on April 27th
shabbychick writes: It was HUGE fun! The flower frog is very cool - not sure what to do with it next!!!?!

Geo...the fun definitely outweighs the work! :)

Thanks for all your comments - and hope you all have some great junk times this spring/summer!

Kathy Posted: 10:51 pm on April 27th
italianpeasant writes: kath, sounds like all was not lost :)i have a flower frog collection scattered here & there, i put little flags in mine. can't wait to see you again, the one building is filled to the ceiling for qualicrest, but i have to sort for the MAY garage sales, see you soon! gio Posted: 6:55 am on April 24th
suewhitney writes: Woo hooo! Great stuff Kathy. Looks like you had some fun in the rain!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 10:07 am on April 23rd
alicemom writes: Cathy,
I love the flower frog. I have a frog collection........so i guess you would say I'm "green " with envy!
ps good haul! Posted: 11:28 pm on April 22nd
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Love all your finds, Kathy. The flower frog is super cool! I also love the way you always find the silver lining in things you do (I need to do that more often) and you had some fun with friends.

Candy Posted: 9:28 pm on April 22nd
georgiamoon writes: WOOHOO, sounds like a junking good time to me. Hanging with the girls, finding cool stuff and all the laughs I'm sure you had on the road makes for a successful trip to me! Glad you had a good time..and some people call this WORK! Lucky us. Geo Posted: 6:19 pm on April 22nd
CottageElements writes: You came up with some fun things, Kathy! That flower frog is super cool. And I like the big garden claw. Looks like you had a great time junking!

Lani Posted: 12:42 pm on April 22nd
fellowjunker writes: What a great haul Cathy.........looks like you had a super fun time. I have one of those claw thingys out in my garage...will have to go out and uncover it. I love that huge flower frog!!! Thanks for showing us these great finds!!
xojanis Posted: 12:34 pm on April 22nd
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