Upscale Supermarket Floral Arrangements

July 17th, 2019 in blog     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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The first thing my guests will see when they walk
through the door is my favorite of many scales all dressed for the
party. Phew! Thank goodness for 24 hour shopping.
Another look. Noticed I have also gone to the pots and clipped the
sweet potato vine. As we all know, if you plant this in the spring there
will be plenty to go around when you are in a pinch.
Side view. Ill fill you in on a little secret. In order to conserve time, money, and flowers, I only arranged the fronts and sides of the dishes. Go for it! No one will be the wiser.
Here is the original piece before being adorned. Its beautiful all by itself, but everyone wants something new for a party!
Here they are, my grocery store picks. Most likely you wont have exotic choices so go for the color story. For early fall I choose reds, oranges, soft whites, yellow, and green. Thank goodness for my large wash tub sink!
Heres a tip: keep plenty of floral foam on hand just for moments like these. Soak as much as you need in water before arranging the flowers.
You may want to line your scale dish with a plastic dish. I had no need as mine is water tight. I was also not worried about water marks left behind. Its only junk afterall!
Here I am only dressing only 3/4 of the available space. My bad! Another thing to keep in the cupboard is plenty of moss. Its a great filler.
My thrifty use of flowers and an abundance of scales allows me to do a centerpiece for the dinner table.
Here they are folks, the most common of all grocery store flowers: alstromeria. Not my first pick for sure, but the selection available forced me to buy them. Throw them together with some golden weeds and poof! Dinners on.
Could I possibly fill on more scale with less than $35 worth of flowers? Yeppers. This little cutie usually holds soap in the kitchen, but was reassigned to the powder room for this ocassion. This will leave your guests thinking shes always so prepared, she even thought of the powder room!
 Ha! Your secrets safe with me.
And here she is. The left over dahlias and berries from the main arrangement make an adorable tussy mussy.
The first thing my guests will see when they walk
through the door is my favorite of many scales all dressed for the
party. Phew! Thank goodness for 24 hour shopping.

The first thing my guests will see when they walk through the door is my favorite of many scales all dressed for the party. Phew! Thank goodness for 24 hour shopping.

This prediciment makes me laugh. I can't tell you how many times I have gotten caught in the panic of preparation and at the last minute realized, flowers. What to do, what to do? Over the years this oversight has made me somewhat of an expert (at least in my own mind) in the art of turning standard grocery store issue flowers and the slim pickins from my garden into junk beautiful bouquets. The trick is to use the cool junk you already own and be ready to improvise with the flowers available. I think you'll have so much fun doing this that you may never call the florist again! Be ready for more ideas like these. What's the plan? Junk Beautiful Bouquet will be a monthly feature brought to you by JUNKMARKET Style.

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suewhitney writes: Thank you so much everyone. We'll be having lots of fun with florals as time goes on. Flowers just seem to put a smile upon my face. I hope they make you happy too.

Be well,
Sue Posted: 10:10 am on September 3rd
TheBlessedNest writes: Sue,
Love the scales as floral displays!! You're so creative :)
Can't wait to see what you're planning with gourds.

Stacey Posted: 12:17 pm on September 2nd
CottageElements writes: Can't wait to see what you'll do with the gourds! I love over the top! I'm not very good at floral arrangements, so will love to see all your ideas!

I did end up going to Elko and found two more scales. One was rusty pink! Now to find a place for them. If you ever decide to part with your large scale again, think of me. The only problem I might have with it would be getting into my bathroom on the second floor. Don't think my husband would be too happy with me . . . .

Lani Posted: 10:22 pm on September 1st
suewhitney writes: Hey Lani,

Thanks. I always have fun with this kind of task. No, I did not sell the big scale at Oronoc, but I wasn't trying that hard...just trying to save our backs. I am like you. I love scales, every last one of them. What's with that?

Take care,

P.S. Just wait 'til you see what I'm doing with gourds tonight. It'll be awhile, but it's over the edge! Imagine that. Posted: 8:03 pm on September 1st
CottageElements writes: Love, love, love what you did with your scales! They look absolutely gorgeous! The rectangular one is my favorite. Did you ever sell your big one in Oronoco? I keep thinking about it . . .

Lani Posted: 4:47 pm on September 1st
berton718 writes: I LOVE it !! Sue you always inspire me !! Please keep the ideas coming. Posted: 10:37 am on September 1st
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