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April 13th, 2009 in blog, videos     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Video Length: 4:35
Produced by: The Today Show

This quick and very simple idea turned out to be one of Kathie Lee's and Hoda's favorite ideas on the Today Show segment I recently did with them. Little story...this idea wasn't originally scheduled to be on the set, but I was speaking with my financial advisor and good friend about the dire state of the economy while holding this little piece of junk. As we spoke I thought to myself...hmm, I'll bet this will hold water and sure enough it did! What did I learn? Junking is the silver lining in this bleak economy. Junker's can do cool things affordably, are the original recyclers, and have a great sense of community. I feel very fortunate to share this passion with all of you!


I think we just added two new junkers to the community. Kathie Lee and Hoda were delightful, kind, and really understood the beauty of junking!


Junk Beautiful Outdoor Edition Photo Gallery on The Today Show

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byabpryor writes: Very cool!
. Posted: 10:50 am on August 8th
suewhitney writes: Hi All,

Thank you all so much for your kind words and support. Kathie Lee and Hoda were wonderful hosts and really let me showcase what we do here at JUNKMARKET Style! They made me feel right at home. Did anyone hear the laughter that came from the set? The producer had to remind everyone that the show does not have a live audience. I almost cracked up at that point. I feel very fortunate and thankful for the opportunity and again want to thank everyone who is part of our community here on JUNKMARKET Style. You are all absolutely fabulous!

Big Hugs,
Sue Posted: 9:31 am on April 21st
alicemom writes: Sue what a great job you did! I guess I'm slow on "blog" looking. I was so tickled to see how well you did. I flet like I was just talking to you as I did in Canton. Great Great!
Alice Posted: 6:36 pm on April 20th
doggbo writes: Loved the show. People will think twice before they toss it.Some will be our loss but there gain! Posted: 11:48 pm on April 18th
MimiToria writes: You know what I love about you Sue? You're so genuine. You're so not full of yourself. You're just an all around natural, unselfish gal that has so much to share with the world about junking. You did a fab job on TV and you appeared so relaxed, and comfortable that you looked like you were a regular on TV. Fabulous job of engaging the ladies and sharing cool ideas. I was yearning for more after that 5 minute segment. That's what is cool about it, too. People got a snatch of junking finds and will be now enticed to go out and get involved in the movement.
You go girl!
Gretchen Posted: 10:25 pm on April 17th
Junkyard_Jennifer writes: I'm so glad you shared this here. I don't have a tv and am glad I was able to see it! Sue, you're a natural in front of the camera. You did a fantastic job! And, I can't wait to get your newest book to add to my collection. I loved all of the projets you showed. Posted: 4:33 pm on April 17th
greencolleen writes: sue you are such a midwest girl, none of that full of yourself stuff :). watched the video too cute. also finally got your latest book yesterday, it was worth driving home in a mountain snow storm . ive been collecting old door knobs for yrs so one more good idea.
so ditto on previous comments :) Posted: 3:51 pm on April 17th
eveh writes: The little doorknob vases are so cute! I have an old glass one somewhere in my junk. I am going to look for it. I think that would be cute too.
I love the domino place cards too. How clever. You are such a natural for TV. I think junkers just may be more laid back than other people. We don't stand on pomp and circumstance as my Mama used to tell visitors to our home. : ) Posted: 2:33 pm on April 17th
CountingYourBlessing writes: You looked adorable!! And they loved every little thing you touched (of course). Thank you for representing us Junkers!! Blessings... Polly Posted: 11:05 am on April 17th
OldBarnRescue writes: Awesome show clip! I just got around to viewing it and thoroughly loved it! You had a beautiful table setting and sweet ideas. My favorite are the door knob vases!!! Posted: 9:08 pm on April 16th
justloveit writes:
Sue, you did a fabulous job! I Congratulations! What fun to see "one of us" on national television. You did us proud!!!!!!!!! I agree that you need your own show. Where can we sign the petition? Posted: 9:15 am on April 15th
ANGELZ writes: Great job on the show Sue! Hope you turned on tons of people to the art and get your own show. That, I would get up early for...maybe a note...NOT wear false fingernails while glueing dominoes. HA! Vicki Posted: 10:40 pm on April 14th
WhisperWood Cottage writes: You were brilliant and adorable!! Nothing new for you! I am sure people are running out to buy the book! You are a gift to the junking community, Sue! :)

Lots of love from northern Minnesota!!

Amy Posted: 9:22 pm on April 13th
crazymomluvsjunk writes: I enjoyed the segment also...left me wanting more. My book also came in the mail today, so it was a double good day! Keep up the great work! Posted: 9:13 pm on April 13th
whiteflower writes: Sue, I was very impressed with the projects you showed and how you presented them. You are a natural on camera, just adorable. You looked great & did great! Congratulations!

By the way, I just got your new book and I am really enjoying it. Lori Posted: 8:46 pm on April 13th
JunkArchitect writes: Sue, I really think you should have a TV show. There’s an endless supply of junk out there so you’ll never run out of ideas. You’ve been doing this for years so you’re known as the queen of junk creations. It would be creative, interesting and funny…and you can talk a lot…right? You could highlight flea markets, junkyards, antique shows, collections…my basement. So what’s missing besides some giant network going along with it…that’s the easy part.

Great job “Today”
JA Posted: 8:14 pm on April 13th
StrangeCargo writes: Sue, great job on 'national' TV today. You just elevated door knobs, bird cage bases, and restaurant dishes to a lofty, sought-after status. This junk will never be the same!

We await your next venue. Again, a wonderful job! Thank you.

Ken Posted: 7:45 pm on April 13th
LuAnn writes: Thanks for posting the link for those of us who working at the time of your "acting career". You did a great job and loved your ideas. You rock girl!!!

LuAnn Posted: 7:33 pm on April 13th
LuAnn writes: Thanks for posting the link for those of us who working at the time of your "acting career". You did a great job and loved your ideas. You rock girl!!!

LuAnn Posted: 7:33 pm on April 13th
writes: What a great segment Sue! Good choice of projects and you were cool as a cat. I loved it and was VERY proud of you!

:-) JennyK Posted: 5:09 pm on April 13th
shabbychick writes: Ditto - on all the comments...three cheers for Sue!!! Kathie Lee and Hoda were really getting into junk mode with you - and appreciated the great ideas you shared for the table setting!

And, some (not so) insider information...time to buy stock in dominoes...if that was even possible - ha ha!!

Awesome job!

Kathy Posted: 4:47 pm on April 13th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Loved your segment Sue! I was so nervous for you and you were just cool as a cucumber. Both ladies seemed to really be into your junk too. Wasn't it great to hear Kathie Lee say she had been going through your book for the past week in anticipation of your arrival. Love that!! Great job, girl!

Candy Posted: 4:08 pm on April 13th
CottageElements writes: Ditto with all Georgia said! You are a natural. And I think they really felt at ease with you, too. You also introdued a lot of new people to the art of "Junking". I have Feedjit on my blog and I had a ton of hits looking for info on Junk Beautiful Outdoor Edition after it aired. Cheers to you!!

Lani Posted: 3:52 pm on April 13th
georgiamoon writes: Sue, you did a fantastic job!! It seemed to me that you made some new fans and friends with Hoda and Kathie Lee. I could tell they were very impressed with your well they should be!It takes a certain quality to be so relaxed and comfortable on camera and girl you've got it goin' on. You were GREAT!!! Loved the segment, Georgia Posted: 3:42 pm on April 13th
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