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Online sponsorship opportunities

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Online Ad Specifications

Leader Board
Dimension: 728 x 90 pixels
File size: 25k max
Format: .jpg, .gif, .swf

Rectangle Ad
Lg. Dimension: 336 x 280 pixels
Med. Dimension: 300 x 250 pixels
File size: 25k max
Format: .jpg, .gif, .swf

Animation ad unit Specifications:
15 second max per loop, 3 loops max.

Expansion Ad Unit Specifications:
Rectangle - 336x280 - Maximum Dimensions 504x280 Expands left
Leader Board - 728x90 - Maximum Dimensions 728x225 Expands up

  • File size and animation requirements are same as standard ads.
  • Must be user-initiated for expansion either through rollover and or click
  • Method of expansion and retraction must be the same. (i.e., rollover or click)
  • Base ad unit as above 25k - initial expanded panel 30k
  • If roll-over initiated, there must be a 1-second delay on expansion to avoid accidental expansion, must automatically close when rolled off.
  • If click-initiated, must have a mandatory "close" button in top right corner.

Frame Rate
Maximum 25 frames per second, 18 frames per second is preferred

Audio Video Specifications:
Audio - User Initiated by click, may not loop, may not exceed 30 seconds. Must have mute control.
Video - User Initiated by click, length 15 seconds and must have standard controls (i.e. Play/Pause, Audio, Stop). Looping/re-plays must be user-initiated

For flash files please include the following click-tracking code to the object in the Actions text area:

on (release) {getURL(clickTag, "_blank");}