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Junk Beautiful Outdoor Edition

Junk Beautiful Outdoor Edition

With her first book, Junk Beautiful, Sue Whitney helped millions of devotees transform junk into unique furnishings and accessories for every room in their houses. Now, with Junk Beautiful: Outdoor Edition, she (with Kimberly Melamed) will help you reuse, recycle, refresh, repurpose and recreate discarded or discounted junk into functional, beautiful pieces for your outdoor spaces. From creating the perfect patio and porches with panache to setting up a contemporary café for outdoor dining, the authors give you hundreds of practical, creative ideas to bring your junk beautiful dreams to the great outdoors.

Words of wisdom
"This time around we're moving our focus from behind closed doors to the great outdoors. So if you've been yearning to expand your horizons, come along for the recycling ride of a lifetime. Scaling back at the homestead is admirable, but may leave you feeling a little cramped for space. If this strikes a chord with you, we have some ideas to relieve your sense of confinement. Open your front door, and take a look at what surrounds your abode. With a little imagination and some reclaimed treasures all of what you see can easily be turned into extended living space for you and yours. In the pages that follow you'll find bright ideas for outdoor living. From sleeping under the stars to dining al fresco, and everything in between, including the kitchen sink; you'll find it here. Have fun and enjoy the fresh air."
- excerpted from Junk Beautiful Outdoor Edition, introduction

Junk Beautiful: Room by Room Makeovers with JUNKMARKET Style

Junk Beautiful

From the living room to the home office, the idea of home is reimagined in true JUNKMARKET fashion. Junky interiors are presented in exquisite full-color detail, complete with project how-tos and handy design tips. Expert tips and eclectic design are found on every page. Don't miss this best-seller!

Junking Tip:
"Living areas should be comfortable as well as beautiful. For example, oversized, white slip-covered sofas with lots of stuffing will provide both elements to your room. Throw in a beat up old coffee table constructed from scrap wood and an iron gate, and you will have firmly established a junking good look of your own. However, furniture alone does not complete a room, it's just a good place to start. For example, the neutral color scheme also played an important role in this makeover. The combination of several soft shades of off-white on textured walls added a European flavor."
- from Junk Beautiful: Room by Room Makeovers with JUNKMARKET Style, page 97

Decorating JUNKMARKET Style: Repurposed Junk To Suit Any Décor

Decorating JUNKMARKET Style

Sue divulges the secrets of the junking pros in her first book, Decorating JUNKMARKET Style: Repurposed Junk To Suit Any Décor. This book is packed with detailed photographs, step-by-step projects, clever junking tips, and (of course) that iconic JUNKMARKET wit. This is one ooh la la that you'll ooh la love!

Junking Tip:
"To find junk that has urban appeal, check out a restaurant supply store. You'll discover a wide variety of stainless-steel pieces that will complement an urban decorating theme. Look for prep tables and bakery racks that can be easily converted for use in your home. Items that appear a little too worn for restaurant use will be less expensive than pieces that can still fulfill their intended purpose."
- from Decorating JUNKMARKET Style: Repurposed Junk To Suit Any Décor, page 37

Special Issue with DVD:

JUNK Beautiful: 5 Room-by-Room Makeovers with JunkMarket Style

JUNK Beautiful special issue and DVD

A magazine and DVD combination! The magazine is a 48 page excerpt from my current best-seller, Junk Beautiful- Room by Room Makeovers with JUNKMARKET Style, highlighting the best of the best from the book. It includes 5 room makeovers along with many of my favorite step-by-step projects. If you don't already own the book this will leave you yearning for more and there is indeed plenty more where this comes from. What's totally new and fresh? Something that we here at JUNKMARKET have never done before....a DVD. Woo hoo! The DVD includes a flea market shopping experience including all the tips and tricks, a style file, three different bathrooms three different ways, a creative workshop section with me, Kimberly, and our new Junk Hunk, Brandon, a video version of my daughter's bedroom makeover, and a personally guided tour through the "House That Junk Built".

From Sue: "We had an outrageously good time, shooting, writing, creating, and producing this DVD for you. I hope you have as much fun watching it as we did making it! The cover price is a bargain at $12.99. The contents will totally give you an upper-hand on how to cut costs and raise the coolness meter at the same time. Now that's a two-fer.
Where to Find It: You can pick this treasure up on newsstands in locations such as: CostCo, Target, Lowe's, Home Depot, Menard's, Borders, Barnes & Noble, Grocery Chains and many other outlets.




Our first magazine publication, JUNKMARKET Style is a smorgasbord of useful junk information. Shopping tips, repurpose ideas, outdoor summer living, dining and more are layered with junk finds and JUNKMARKET's unique design philosophy. A glimpse into Sue's JUNKMARKET style!

Words of wisdom "Over the years I've had many collections, but only two have stuck with me: scales, gears, and gear molds. So when I walked into a flea market as an early shopper (it's worth the admission to get in first) and spotted a wheel-front clock, I had to have it. I flipped the vendor $300 in cash-I didn't even negotiate. When I picked it up at the end of the day, there were notes stuck all over it from people asking me to sell it. The highest bid was $1,800. It was a reminder that some 'junk' may be valuable, but that's not the point for me. The clock looks great in my dining room, and it makes me smile."
- from "The House that JUNK Built," JUNKMARKET Style, page 29