All Dressed Up and Ready to Celebrate!

My mannequin that stands beside my front door is all dressed up and ready to celebrate Christmas!

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Holiday Party Ideas for the Wine Lover

Holiday party ideas for the wine lover!

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Oil Pan Mirror

Nontraditional and really simple.

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A Little Girl Approach to Christmas

While my daughter is away teaching in Taiwan I find myself thinking about her...often. Imagine that! I think Elizabeth would like this project.

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Christmas Bells

A unique door hanger made from an old brass bell and a horse bit. Just add a little greenery!

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2014 License Plate Art Project Update

It's been awhile since I posted! Here is a smattering of what I've been doing this year with recycled vintage license plates. Many of these designs are available as metal and canvas prints on my...

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Recycled wooden Christmas trees

These trees were made with scrap wood, an old wooden chase lounge, and old fence piece found in someone's trash.

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Two Repurposed Sewing Machine Drawer Holiday Card Holders

Here's a couple of repurposed holiday creations using some antique sewing machine drawers, vintage yardsticks, old keys, and wooden alphabet blocks.

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Christmas Industrial Gear Part Two

I believe that good design incorporates the repeat of elements. I have two of these gears so I will use them in the same room in different ways. If I had three I would most likely repeat them in a grouping. You know...the odd number thing.

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Pennant Christmas Tree Skirt

This is a project that I have wanted to do for a while now. I have a bunch of old felt pennants of various sizes. I pulled together enough of a similar size to make this Christmas Tree skirt. I used...

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